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Last Updated On: 26th December 2022

The King of Australian race tracks and the tire mogul Bob Jane died on 28 September 2018. The cause of Bob Jane death was his prostate cancer which he had been fighting against for 21 years. Considered a legend, Bob Jane has made contributions to bring NASCAR and Grand Prix in Australia.

After Bob Jane’s death, his family and well-wishers had been waiting for a decent outlet to grieve the loss of such a legend. Bob Jane funeral was held today on 5 October 2018 in an undisclosed location among family and close friends.

However, not all the family members were invited. Organized by his wife Laree Jane, Bob Jane funeral excluded children from his previous marriage, Rodney and Karen Jane owing to the public feud with their father.

Bob Jane daughter Karen Jane told 3AW radio on Friday morning,

“I’m afraid I don’t [know]. I had been waiting for an obituary to tell us where the funeral would be this week, we haven’t been able to see our dad for a couple of years… we won’t go into that”

“My uncle rang me yesterday afternoon and told me that there is going to a private funeral for Laree Jane and her children and close friends which is very disappointing and very saddening.”

Bob Jane children Karen Jane and Rodney Jane will be holding their own private funeral at Brunswick. She said,

“We have arranged to have a private memorial today in Brunswick. Instead of being terribly, terribly upset about it, we are going to spend the time together today and remember him.”

Bob Jane Quick Facts

Name Bob Jane
Age 91 years old
Birthday 18 December 1929
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Married Yes
Wife Geraldine Jane, Laree Jane
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Net Worth Under Review

Who Was Bob Jane? Bob Jane Wiki-Biography

The tire king, Bob Jane age was 88 years when he died. According to Bob Jane wiki, he was born on 18 December 1929. As a child, he lived with his parents and younger brother Bill in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Since the age of a child, Bob Jane was interested in racing. In his late teens and early twenties, he started racing. He didn’t begin as a car racer at once. He raced bicycle and he used to win. He held many state records, before eventually deciding he wanted to race cars.

When Bob Jane age was 21 years, he got into the car business. Together with his brother Bill, he opened a car dealership in 1951. Scoping out the racing world as a car dealership, he found an opening in 1961 as a race car driver. He participated in the Armstrong 500 with co-driver Harry Firth and won the competition, making name for himself.

During his time as a race car driver, Bob Jane has won more than 300 racing titles including the Australian GT Championship, Australian Touring Car Championship and many more. In 2008, he was inducted in V8 Supercars Hall of Fame.

Later, in 1965, Bob Jane established ‘Bob Jane T-Marts’. It is the only tire retailer in Australia who do not sell retread tires. Bob Jane T-Marts is a family-owned business under the leadership of Bob Jane’s son Rodney Jane.

Bob Jane Family: Wife and Children

Bob Jane has been married three times. There are not many details about his first marriage but his second marriage was with his wife Geraldine Jane. With his second wife, he had a daughter Georgina Jane who died later on. The cause of death Georgina Jane was a serious car crash.

Later, Bob Jane married his third wife Laree Jane. With his wife Laree Jane, he had three children who are in their 20s. Bob Jane children with Laree Jane are Robert, Courtney and Charlotte Jane.

The year 2006 followed Bob Jane with a messy divorce with his wife Laree Jane where Bob Jane accused his wife of falsely imprisoning, assaulting and threatening to kill him. The couple reconciled a few years later.

Bob Jane has altogether five children alive as far as we know, including Karen and Rodney Jane who were not on good terms with Bob Jane.

Bob Jane Cause of Death

Bob Jane died when his age was 88 years. Bob Jane cause of death was a prostate cancer, which he had been fighting for a long time.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer 21 years ago. Since then, his health has been degrading slowly. In 2006, Jane suffered a stroke which made the condition worse.

He further went through a complicated spinal operation which added complexity in his health, eventually worsening cancer. Bob Jane died among his family and friend on 28 September 2018.

Bob Jane funeral was scheduled to take place on 5 October 2018 which invites family and close friends. It is reported that a public funeral will be held for Bob Jane’s well-wishers.

Bob Jane Net Worth

Bob Jane, not only was a race care champion but also an entrepreneur. He has established his one empire of tire business which had earned him million dollars of net worth.

He has won several racing tournaments which are reflected in Bob Jane net worth. He is regarded as the number one racer in Australia.

Bob Jane was the first Australian to bring NASCAR to Australia. He had spent $54 million in building NASCAR race track. With ‘Bob Jane T-mart’, he would be adding a few million dollars to his net worth until his son Rodney took over the job as the CEO of Bob Jane T-mart after Bob Jane suffered the stroke.

Later, owing to the bad relationship between father and son, Bob Jane quit the company. He too filed a $2.9 million lawsuit against his son Rodney which the court in favor of his son.

Eventually, in 2016, Bob Jane declared bankruptcy. Hence, Bob Jane net worth owing to his bankruptcy is zero dollars.

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