Blissful Married Life Of Susie O’Neill With Husband Cliff Fairley, Know Her Net Worth

susie o'neill wiki, age, husband and net worth details
susie o’neill wiki, age, husband and net worth details

Every individual is not lucky enough to have a blissful married life. On top of that, the individual is even more blessed if that person had a great time during his/her career.

Just like that, in case of the former swimmer, Susie O’Neill life who has a flaunting career even after her post-swimming with blooming married life.

But the problem is that the former swimmer is a bit tight-lipped when it comes to her personal life. However, it makes even more exciting and increases curiosity regarding her private life.

So, Who is the former swimmer’s husband? Does she have any children? What about her post-swimming career? Let’s take a peek at her personal life including her age, family, and her battle with cancer with some help from her wiki-like bio.

Who is Susie O’Neill Married To, Her Husband?

Former competitive swimmer Susie O’Neill refers to one of those people favored by good fortune. Unlike other personalities who change their partners often, O’Neill shares a deep bond with her husband.

And it’s been more than a decade that she spent time together with her husband since their married life started. Besides, her husband is none other than Cliff Fairley. Husband of 20 years, Cliff Fairley is an ophthalmologist.

Not long ago, the swimmer made her first pop song and released the track ‘My Heart Goes Boom’ for her husband, Cliff, as a surprise Valentines Day present.

O’Neill told Sunrise,

‘It’s just taken off, all money goes to the Fred Hallows Foundation if you buy it, and the competitive instinct has taken off now, and we want to try and get it to number one. It’s been good fun.’

The lyrics of the song is from the couple’s love story. As of now, the song is available on iTunes for $1.69 with the ratings of 2.9 stars.

Eight-time Olympic medallist said,

“Cliff was pretty surprised and shocked as I have never really put a lot of romance into our relationship and have never done anything like this before,”

“I can vividly remember like yesterday the first time I met Cliff when I was 19, and the song is really a journey of our relationship.”

She added,

“I’m surprised how quickly time has gone. It has gone in a flash.”

Susie O’Neill is also a mother of two children- a son named William and a daughter named  Alix Fairley. Around 2016, O’Neill revealed that she used to smack her children as a punishment but stopped after 12 years.

She said,

‘I used to really smack my son a lot, but now I don’t because he’s now 10 and he’s physically probably nearly stronger than me, and it hasn’t worked.’

Nevertheless, the former swimmer is living quite a blissful married life with her family. Let’s hope she does well in the future.

Susie O’Neill Wiki Facts

Australian former competitive swimmer was born on 2 August 1973, in Mackay, Queensland. Currently, Susie O’Neill age is 44 with a tall height of 1.71m. Her nickname is “Madame Butterfly.”

O’Neill is the daughter of parents Trish (mother) and John (father). Moreover, she has two siblings a brother and a sister. She received her education at Lourdes Hill College (LHC) in Hawthorne after her family moved to Brisbane.

As for her post-swimming career, she is an ambassador for the Fred Hollows Foundation. Furthermore, she is also a co-host on Nova 106.9’s breakfast radio show called,  “Ash, Ki, and Luttsy with Susie O’Neill.”

Susie O’Neill Net Worth

Susie O’Neill sold her riverfront home for a whopping $3 million. So, as an ambassador as well as a co-host by profession, Susie O’Neill might receive a massive amount of salary that adds to her net worth which might be in millions of dollars.

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