Bill Shorten’s mother Ann Shorten Sacrificed her dreams! Why? Explore her Wiki Bio, Age, and Height

Ann Shorten Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Bill Shorten's mother
Ann Shorten Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Bill Shorten’s mother

Bill Shorten’s, Leader of the Australian Labor Party, mother Ann Shorten, is one of those women who detained her dreams. Undeniably, she wasn’t the one to stand back and watch her son do the same.

On the other hand, on Wednesday, the Daily Telegraph published an article based on Bill Shorten’s mother, Ann Shorten, with the headline “Mother of Invention.” Besides, this article mesmerized the viewers which gained a lot of criticisms.

As a result, plenty of people came to disclose about their own mothers who sacrificed their dreams due to their family. But, apart from being the Labor Party leader’s mother, ‘who is Ann Shorten actually?’ In order to discover her background let’s have a detailed look at her wiki including her age and height.

Who is Bill Shorten’s mother, Ann Shorten? Wiki, Bio, Age, and Height

The article published on Wednesday accused Bill Shorten of excluding the portions of his mom’s, Ann Shorten, career while speaking of the sacrifices she made to nurture her children.

After years of a teaching career, Ms. Shorten finally found her ultimate determination to achieve her dreams. She wanted to be a lawyer. At the age of 50, she completed her graduation eventually entering into the bar after four years.

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Plus, Mr. Shorten described his mother, Ann Shorten,

My mum was a brilliant woman. She wasn’t bitter […] But I also know that if she had had other opportunities, she could have done anything

Before taking her last breath, Ms. Shorten spent the six years of her life working in the field of her dreams.

Accusations and Criticisms

The Labor Leader, Bill Shorten has said that his mother, Ann Shorten, needed to study law however she worked as a teacher so that she could help her younger siblings.

Yet the paper blamed him for failing to state that Ms. Shorten ended up studying law later in her life. Additionally, the story exasperated Mr. Shorten and he even called it “gotcha s**t” and a “bloody lazy editorial.”

Nevertheless, Ms. Shorten’s story with regards to her career appears to have influenced the stories of other individuals. Whereas, many of them unfolded their stories through Twitter. Some of them are down below:

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