Best Tarot Cards for the New Year

New Year’s is a time for celebrating new beginnings, the accomplishment of goals, and the determination to set new ones. That is why so many people pursue the best online mediums as they feel the holidays approaching. A good psychic reading as the new year approaches can focus your energy and intention while preparing you for the obstacles that may come as you work your way along your life path.

  • New love, either in the form of romance or an expanding family
  • Renewed ties to friends and family who have drifted
  • Career opportunities
  • Change that ties past to present in your fortunes

As you think about what you will ask for your New Year’s reading query, it helps to think about some of the top cards that others hope for during this time of year. These choices are great whether you are looking to get a general fortune for the new year, a career query, love, or even a full life path reading. They represent all the best things about the changing calendar.

# 1 Ace of Wands

The art changes from deck to deck, but the feelings and deeper meanings in the symbolism continue to resonate whether you are looking at a Rider-Waite deck, a witch deck, or any of the other popular art styles for tarot. For the ace of wands, that symbolism is inspiration and abandon. The aces all symbolize new beginnings, and the ace of wands in particular symbolizes freedom from past constraints and a realization of your true potential. There are very few things that could be more positive in a reading at the start of a new year.

# 2 Chariot

The chariot is the trump card that associates strength, willpower, and the tools necessary to convert those things into action in the world. If you are looking for the emotional and mental strength to discipline your life patterns to the path you need to reach your goals, the chariot card is a good one to draw out. Since New Year’s is the time for resolutions, this symbol of holy resolve indicates that you’ll have the spiritual backing you need to push forward.

Good tarot readers know how to build on that indication with advice that further strengthens your resolve, which is why so many clients like to stick with a favorite professional after making a connection. Make sure you choose your guide wisely as you interpret this card and the others that show up in your New Year’s reading.

# 3 The Magician

There is no stronger power than the spiritual force that is represented in the major arcana. In the case of the magician, that force is magnified in the direction of manifestation, willpower, intentionality, and sheer tenacity. The magician represents the ability to pull the world you want out of thin air with sheer determination. Coupled with the chariot, there is very little else you could ask for in a New Year’s reading because the two cards basically represent the two sides of willpower, forcefulness and discipline. Run a quick search for a psychic near me to find a reading that can ground you and help you understand your options as you enter the new year and learn more about how these cards can help you point yourself toward your goals.

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