Ben Savage Ties the Knot with Long-Time Partner Tessa Angermeier


Renowned actor Ben Savage and his partner Tessa Angermeier have recently exchanged their wedding vows, marking a joyous milestone in their relationship. The couple’s nuptials were confirmed by a picture shared on Instagram by one of the guests, Courtney O’Connell. This article provides an exclusive glimpse into their intimate celebration, highlighting their journey together and their contributions in their respective fields.

A Love Story Unveiled

A Decade of Love and Commitment

Ben Savage and Tessa Angermeier have been inseparable since 2018 when their love story began. After several years of courtship, the couple finally decided to take their relationship to the next level. In January, Ben proposed to Tessa, an event captured in a heartwarming photograph of the couple against the backdrop of a scenic lake in Owensville, Indiana.

A Private Affair Steeped in Joy

Despite their high-profile status, the couple has consciously kept their romance away from the spotlight. Their wedding, held in an intimate setting, was a testament to their private nature. Only close friends and family members were invited to witness their special day, making the occasion truly memorable.

Tessa Angermeier: The Artistic Soul

A Glimpse into Tessa’s Background

Tessa Angermeier, a talented artist, hails from Owensville, Indiana. Born and raised in an artistic environment, with her parents being the proprietors of KANT Brewing Co., Tessa’s passion for creativity is deeply ingrained. She pursued her education at Indiana University, specializing in visual design and arts and music administration. Tessa currently holds the position of senior graphic artist at Ben Soleimani, a prestigious West Hollywood furnishings shop. Additionally, she actively contributes her artistic talents to the band The Growlers as a logo artist, marketing manager, and tour organizer.

Ben Savage: A Prominent Career in Film and Television

From Child Star to Acclaimed Actor

Ben Savage made his entry into the entertainment industry through the small screen, starring as Matthew Lacey in the NBC comedy series “Dear John.” His breakthrough role came in 1990 with “The Wonder Years,” where he won the hearts of audiences as the endearing Cory Matthews. Over the years, Ben has demonstrated his versatility in various films and television shows, including “Little Monsters,” “Clifford,” “Car Babes,” and “Palo Alto,” among many others.

A Harmonious Union

The Power Couple’s Steadfast Bond

Ben Savage and Tessa Angermeier’s relationship is grounded in love, respect, and mutual support. Despite leading busy lives in the entertainment industry, they have managed to maintain a deep connection. The couple shares a strong bond and consistently prioritize spending quality time with their loved ones. While they cherish their privacy, they occasionally make public appearances together, displaying their unwavering support for one another.

Embracing the Future Together

Having embarked on a journey of profound love and togetherness, Ben Savage and Tessa Angermeier are excited about what lies ahead. As they begin their married life, their commitment to each other and their shared dreams will undoubtedly guide their path.

In conclusion, Ben Savage and Tessa Angermeier’s wedding celebration marks a significant milestone in their remarkable love story. Despite their prominent status, they continue to value privacy and maintain a strong bond. This article has offered an exclusive glimpse into their relationship, celebrating their achievements as individuals and their collective journey as a couple.

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