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Last Updated On: 2nd January 2022

Better-known for appearing in Serious Moonlight (2009) and Waitress (2007), Andy Ostroy is an actor and a producer. What’s more, he is also the CEO and chairman of Belardi/Ostroy ALC LLC, list-services company.

Apart from his professional background, Mr. Ostroy was married to Adrienne Shelly, the actress/film director, before she passed away. Andy shares a daughter with his late wife.

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Actor/Producer Andy Ostroy

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In any case, grab the chance to get familiar with actor Andy Ostroy. Discover the answers to ‘who is Andy Ostroy?‘, ‘How old is Andy Ostroy?‘ and ‘how much is Andy Ostroy’s net worth 2020?

Scroll down to find out his age, height, nationality, ethnicity, wife, daughter, and net worth in 2020.

How old is Andy Ostroy?

Born in the year 1959, actor Andy Ostroy is currently 62 years old. He celebrates his birthday every year on the 17th of October.

Full Name

Andy Ostroy

Birth name

Andrew Bennett Ostroy


Mr. Ostroy hails from the United States.


Andy Ostroy stands at a tall height which might be over five feet tall.








An actor

Who is Andy Ostroy? Wiki, Bio

American actor Andy Ostroy is the CEO and chairman of Belardi/Ostroy ALC LLC. He was married to the late actress, screenwriter, and film director, Adrienne Shelly.

Aside from that, Mr. Ostroy is active on social media especially Twitter. He has more than 66 thousand followers. His intro says that he is a

Proud democrat. Patriot. Love my country. Writer. Filmmaker/producer. Non-profit founder supporting female filmmakers. Candy man.

Follow Andy Ostroy on his Twitter account: (@AndyOstroy)

Nevertheless, stay tuned to get the latest updates on Andy Ostroy.

Is Andy Ostroy married? Who is Andy Ostroy’s wife?

Following his wife’s death, actor Andy Ostroy seems to be living a single life. He shares a daughter named Sophie with his late wife Adrienne Shelly.

Wife’s Death

On November 1, 2006, Andy Ostroy’s wife Adrienne Shelly a.k.a. Adrienne Levine passed away in Manhattan, New York City, the U.S.

In 2006, law enforcement sources revealed that they were inclined to believe the death of Shelly as a suicide, noting that the fourth-floor apartment had no sign of forced entry. Plus, a family source disclosed,

Shelly wasn’t on any medication. She doesn’t drink, and she was a pretty happy person. Everyone is having trouble accepting this as a suicide.

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The late actress and Andy Ostroy’s wife, Adrienne Shelly

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Mr. Ostroy also believes that his wife, Ms. Shelly, was murdered and that the killer staged it to appear as a suicide. Describing his wife, Mr. Ostroy said,

She was 40. Young, beautiful, vibrant and the love of my life. She had so much to live for, yet was so easily, senselessly and violently yanked from the world, from me and from the toddler daughter she adored.

Adrienne’s death left me devastated, heartbroken and unable to fathom a future without her.


Mr. Ostroy shares a daughter from his marriage with late actress and director, Adrienne Shelly. The pair welcomed their daughter Sophie Ostroy in 2003.

At the time of her mother’s death, Sophie was just two years old. She also appeared in the film Waitress (2007) alongside her father.

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Actor Andy Ostroy and his late wife Adrienne Shelly’s daughter Sophie Ostroy

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Past Relationship

The 60-year-old actor was previously married to Monica Felice Vitenson on 31 October 1998. However, the pair separated their own ways after divorce. Then, Mr. Ostroy met Adrienne Shelly and married her.

How Much Is Andy Ostroy Net Worth 2022?

Ms. Ostroy accumulates his total earning as an actor and producer. He featured in Serious Moonlight (2009) and Waitress (2007). The film Waitress is his late wife’s last work as a writer-director.

Besides, Andy is the chairman as well as the CEO of a list-services company ‘Belardi/Ostroy ALC LLC.’

As of 2022, the actor and producer Andy Ostroy’s net worth is under review. But it might be more than a million-dollar.

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