Ana Leza: A Fascinating Journey of Love, Stardom, and Success


Discover the captivating story of Ana Leza, widely recognized as the beloved wife of the accomplished actor Antonio Banderas. As a Spanish filmmaker and performer, Banderas has garnered numerous accolades throughout his career, including prestigious awards from the Cannes Film Festival and the European Film Awards. This article delves into the life of Ana Leza, shedding light on her background, achievements, and the beautiful bond she shares with her renowned husband.

A Glimpse into Ana Leza’s Life

Ana Leza was born on January 1st, 1962, in the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain. With Latino heritage flowing through her veins, Ana inherited a passion for acting from her mother, Concha Leza, a celebrated Spanish actor with an impressive repertoire of over 90 performances on both the small and big screens. While information about Ana Leza’s upbringing and educational background remains scarce, her journey in the entertainment industry shines brightly.

Ana Leza’s Physical Attributes

Ana Leza not only possesses an entrancing personality but also boasts stunning physical attributes. Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches, she exudes an aura of elegance and grace. With a weight of approximately 56 kilograms, Ana maintains a healthy physique. Her lustrous black hair and captivating black eyes complement her overall charm, making her a sight to behold.

Ana Leza

Unraveling Ana Leza’s Net Worth

Delving into Ana Leza’s professional endeavors, one can’t help but wonder about her financial success. Ana Leza is estimated to have a net worth of around $100,000, primarily attributed to her illustrious career as a model and actress. Throughout the years, she has earned a substantial income through her exceptional talent and dedication.

Ana Leza’s Professional Journey

Ana Leza’s foray into the world of acting began under the guidance of her accomplished mother. In 1984, she made her notable debut in the television series “Teresa de Jesús.” The same year, Ana Leza showcased her talent in the miniseries “Fragmentos de interior.” Additionally, she starred alongside Antonio Banderas in several films, including the renowned works “Ladies on the Brink of a Nervous Breakdown,” “De amor y Sombra,” and “Philly.” Her most recent film appearance was in the 1994 masterpiece “Of Love and Darkness.” While it seems that Ana Leza has stepped away from the limelight since her divorce from Banderas, her contributions to the entertainment realm remain unforgettable.

Ana Leza’s Love Story: A Tale of Two Hearts

Ana Leza’s romantic journey intertwines with the life of Antonio Banderas, creating a beautiful love story. On July 27, 1987, Ana Leza and Antonio Banderas exchanged vows at Madrid’s Cathedral of San Nicolás. Their union was witnessed by esteemed personalities such as Pedro Almodóvar, a renowned Spanish director credited with propelling Banderas’ international career, and Carmen Maura, a distinguished Spanish actor who appeared in numerous Almodóvar films. The couple radiated love and elegance during multiple red carpet events, including the premiere of the 1992 film “Reservoir Dogs” at New York City’s Loews 19th Street Cinema.

Following her divorce from Banderas, Ana Leza found love once again. She tied the knot with Dharma Villareal on November 26, 2000. The ceremony took place in Santa Barbara, California, and was attended by close friends and family, including Carmen Maura. Dharma Villareal, an editor and documentarian working for Xerox Corporation, became Ana Leza’s life partner. Their shared journey has taken them from Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles and Spain, ultimately leading them to New York. Along the way, Ana Leza and her husband discovered Siddha Yoga Meditation, a mysterious Hindu organization, and embraced its teachings. Together, they are proud parents to two beautiful daughters, Clara Mara and Sofia Macarena, who have also been exposed to the principles of Siddha Yoga.


Ana Leza’s remarkable life journey, filled with love, success, and dedication to her craft, is truly inspiring. As the beloved wife of Antonio Banderas, her presence has added an extra sparkle to the world of entertainment. With her charming personality, mesmerizing beauty, and undeniable talent, Ana Leza continues to captivate hearts worldwide. To learn more about Ana Leza and explore her profound influence, visit the official website of Tan Hung Primary School, where her fascinating story unfolds.