An ABC reporter Patricia Karvelas kicked out of question time, allegedly showing “too much skin”

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For showing too much skin, ABC’s prominent reporter Patricia Karvelas was kicked out of Question Time in Canberra because of her outfit showed little too much.

Immediately ABC’s Patricia Karvelas took to Twitter following her kicked out on the show, she expressed her outrage on Twitter. Patricia Karvelas twitter caption was;

“I have just been kicked out of #QT because you can allegedly see too much skin,”

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So what is this dress code issue, was Patricia Karvelas truly showing off more of her skin on the show or is it just a lame controversy?

Well following her tweet, Nine political correspondent Airlie Walsh gave her thought and shared the rulebook of dress code, she said;

“Dress Code: Press gallery members should maintain dress adopted by the majority of Senators & Members… In the House of Reps, this may include a shirt with collar, jacket & trousers for men, & a similar standard of formality for women I dare say the below is a similar standard?”

And shockingly it is not the first time Patricia Karvelas has been kicked out of the show, speaking with 2GB this afternoon, she revealed this was her second time and she was kicked out earlier for her shoulders.

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