Alex Yee – A Detailed Biography of the Professional Triathlete


When it comes to professional triathlons and distance running, there’s one name that stands out: Alexander Amos Yee. This versatile British athlete has achieved remarkable success, particularly after earning silver in the Men’s Triathlon at the 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo. With his outstanding performance, Alex Yee has made a name for himself in the world of sports. In this article, we will delve into his biography, achievements, personal life, and more.

Quick Facts

Let’s start by exploring some quick facts about Alex Yee:

  • Celebrated Name: Alex Yee
  • Age: 25 Years Old
  • Birth Date: February 18, 1998
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Triathlete
  • Place of Birth: Lewisham, London, England, UK
  • Birth Nation: England
  • Nationality: British
  • Ethnicity: British-white
  • Religion: Christian
  • Race: White
  • Horoscope: Aquarius
  • Father: Ronald Yee
  • Mother: Emma Amos Yee
  • Siblings: 2
  • University: Leeds Beckett University
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Girlfriend: Olivia Mathias
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Source of Wealth: Triathlete and distance runner
  • Net Worth: $4 million
  • Height: 5 feet and 10 inches
  • Weight: 121.3 lbs
  • Body Type: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Brothers: Joseph Yee, Bolen Yee

Alex Yee – A Rising Star

Born on February 18, 1998, in Lewisham, London, England, UK, Alex Yee comes from a background that has shaped his career. With British nationality and a British-white heritage, he represents the multicultural fabric of his country. Alex’s parents, Ronald Yee and Emma Amos Yee, have played a significant role in his journey.

Growing up in Hong Kong, Alex developed a passion for sports from an early age. As a young boy, he showed immense potential in cycling, which led to his participation in various biking competitions alongside his two brothers, Joseph and Bolen Yee.

Alex Yee’s academic journey took him to Kingsdale Foundation School in West Dulwich, where he completed his A levels. Later, he pursued a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science at Leeds Beckett University. These educational milestones laid a strong foundation for his professional career as a triathlete.

The Rise to Success

Alex Yee’s dedication and hard work paid off when he made a breakthrough in the world of triathlons. His remarkable achievement came at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, where he secured silver in the Men’s Triathlon event. This feat not only gained him fame but also established him as a force to be reckoned with in the field.

Further adding to his list of accolades, Alex Yee clinched gold in the Triathlon Mixed Relay at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This victory showcased his versatility as an athlete and further solidified his position among the elite.

In addition to his Olympic triumphs, Alex Yee made history in 2022 by winning his first individual World Championship. The 2022 World Triathlon Sprint Championships held in Montreal, Canada, witnessed his astonishing performance and marked a significant milestone in his career.

Personal Life and Relationships

While Alex Yee’s professional achievements take center stage, his personal life also piques curiosity. The talented athlete is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Olivia Mathias. The couple has been together for six years and recently moved to Loughborough. Alex and Olivia’s strong bond reflects a sense of contentment, raising the possibility of marriage in the future.

Alex Yee’s Net Worth

With his remarkable success and relentless pursuit of excellence, Alex Yee has accumulated a net worth of $4 million as of August 2023. As a passionate and dedicated individual, he continues to work tirelessly to achieve his goals, ensuring that his net worth and income grow in the coming years.


In conclusion, Alex Yee’s journey from a young boy with a passion for cycling to a British triathlon and distance running sensation is truly inspiring. His accomplishments at the Olympics and World Championships have solidified his status as a rising star in the world of athletics. With his determination, talent, and unwavering spirit, Alex Yee’s future in triathlons looks exceedingly promising.

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