8 Door Styles That Give Your Home A Wow Factor

1. Keeping It Traditional

There are many internal doors material options available for you to choose from such as uPVC, timber, composite, and metal. However, if you want your home to have a traditional look, consider opting for wood. Not only are timber doors durable and long-lasting, they offer contemporary warmth not found with other materials.

2. Composite Adds Security

If you want added security strength to your door without compromising on style, try opting for a composite material. It is made of a blend of different materials such as wood and reinforced plastic. It looks traditional or modern on the outside but it has the durability of uPVC.

These doors are also extra energy efficient as polyurethane foam is injected into its core for insulation. Most importantly, traditional wood grain is recreated to make the door look like authentic timber and prevent it from feeling too plasticy.

3. Complement Your Brick Facade

If your home has exterior brickwork, why not call attention to it by complementing it with a contrasting door? For traditional deeply toned brickwork, opt for a blue or green colored entrance door. For lighter washed out brickwork, opt for a truly dark color or even a deep red to contrast the unique look.

4. Choose Bright Double Doors

If you have a large entrance to your property, make the most of it by calling attention to your entrance. Opt for sturdy double doors that look both unique in style and feature a bold color. For example, a bright sunny yellow offers just enough oomph to welcome visitors to your home.

5. Contemporary Equals Metal

If your home is a newer modern build with a contemporary look and feel, metal doors are a great way to add contrast. Some homeowners equate metal with shiny surfaces, but you can find powder coated finishes and even those made from bronze.

6. Embrace Restful Pastels

White still remains the most sought after front door color as it is a versatile yet bold color choice. However, if you would like something a bit more unique and tranquil at the same time, pastel colors such as lavender can complement a wide range of exterior styles. Not only will your home exude a sense of calmness, but it will add a touch of feminine coolness.

7. Keep It Bold With Red

If you’re ready for your curbside appeal to pack a punch, then opt for a bright and jarring color such as red. Contrasted with black wrought iron railings, a deep red entry door is the right way to add a wow factor to your property.

8. Decorative Elements

Consider adding a welcoming wreath or swag to your door that you can replace based on the seasons. Experiment with the different kinds of foliage available to you and make sure to pay attention to the holiday season as it can help complement your decor

Shy away from playing it safe! For example, for an Easter wreath, you can add eggs or felt bunnies to increase interest in design. For harvest months of the year, try thinking outside the norm and incorporate those rustic elements that are otherwise overlooked. Dried wheat or even small pumpkins are a great way to set the mood for the cozier months of the year. Meanwhile, a simple hoop wreath with a bit of foliage is optimal for minimalist oriented homeowners.

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