5 Mechanical Problems That Can Cause Dirt Bike Accidents

The last thing you’d want is crashing on the rocks because your dirt bike’s chain malfunctioned or your brakes didn’t work as you’d wanted them to. While reading this may feel horrible; unfortunately, many riders make the mistake of not checking their bike for mechanical problems before hitting the trails.

Issues in your bike like a dull chain, worn-out clutch, or failing brakes can cause you to lose control while riding and eventually lead to an accident. So it is crucial to check various aspects of your bike before going on a ride. What are these mechanical dirt bike aspects, and how to check them? Read on to find out.


The clutch helps to change gears and also limits how much power is transferred to the wheels. Over time, the clutch will start to wear out, making it harder to change gears and can cause the bike to slip out of gear while you’re riding. You’ll know it’s time to replace the clutch if you have trouble changing gears or if your bike slips out of gear often.

Other signs of a worn-out clutch include:

  • The clutch lever feels softer than usual
  • There’s a burning smell coming from the clutch area
  • The bike makes a grinding noise when you change gears

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to take your bike to the mechanic for a check-up. MXStore has a great collection of dirt bike parts.


Your bike’s brakes help you stop safely, so it’s important to ensure they’re in good condition before heading out on the trails. You can test your brakes by doing a simple brake check; you only need to ride your bike slowly and then squeeze the front and rear brakes firmly to see if they work properly. If the brakes don’t work as they should, it’s time to get them fixed or replaced.

Other signs that your brakes need to be fixed include:

  • The brake lever feels soft when you apply pressure
  • It takes longer than usual for the bike to stop
  • There’s a grinding noise when you use the brakes
  • The brake pads are worn down.


Your bike’s chain helps to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. A loose or damaged chain can cause your bike to skid or slip, so it’s important to check the condition of your chain before every ride. You can visually inspect the chain to see any broken or missing links. If the chain looks damaged, replacing it before riding is best.


Your bike’s tyres provide traction and grip on the ground, so it’s important to ensure they’re in good condition before riding. You should check your tyres’ air pressure and look for any signs of wear and tear, such as cracks or bald spots. If the tyres look worn out, consider postponing your ride and taking your bike to the mechanic for tyre replacement.


Your bike’s suspension helps to absorb the impact of bumps and jumps on the trail. Over time, the suspension components can wear out and cause the bike to feel uncomfortable to ride. You can test the suspension by pressing down on the bike’s forks; if they feel soft, it’s time to get them serviced.

Other signs that your suspension needs to be fixed include:

  • The bike feels bouncy when you’re riding
  • The bike bottoms out easily
  • You can see oil leaks in the suspension components.

Final Word

Checking your bike for mechanical problems before riding is crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. By being aware of the different aspects of your bike that need regular maintenance, you can avoid potential accidents and keep your dirt bike in good condition for years to come. Happy riding!

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